When shopping for anything these days, we are overwhelmed with information and options. It can be so difficult to know what solution is really best for your company. Here is a list of 5 criteria to help you shop for the right portable display and find the right solution for you.


1. How portable is it really?

If you’re transporting your display, whether nationally or internationally, shipping can very quickly become expensive. So how portable is your display really? If you have an idea of the weight and dimensions of your display, it can narrow down which shipping options are best for you and streamline the process.


2. Is the display easy for your staff to set up?

This all depends on the staff member in your company who is doing the work. Setup time can be important if you are going to events or trade shows with short windows of time for setting up and tearing down your display. Don’t forget to ask your supplier how much time is needed, outline the profile of your staff performing the work to ensure the right solution is found for your team.


3. Can your graphics be replaced easily?

This is an important criteria, as replacing your display graphics and content is something you will inevitably need to do. Ask your supplier how cost-effective and easy it is, especially if it something you will need to do frequently. Your supplier can then recommend options that maximise the flexibility of your display and use your budget effectively. The quality of your graphics is extremely important and after the wear and tear of continuous use and transport, make sure you ask about the printing and care of these images. Always look for suppliers who have testimonials for their products and services and who can show photos of their finished work.  The right supplier offers a good level of service and gives you and your display the attention they deserve.


4. How many accessories and options do you really need?

There are many great accessory options you can integrate into your portable display. Remember that the more you add to your display, the heavier will be, and the longer it will take to assemble and put away. If any extra accessories add to your display, you can easily justify the extra time and weight because they work for you. If you don’t need the extras, consider options you can add or take away as needed. Your display supplier should give you a solution that works for you, rather than just sell you stuff.


5. Will my display fit my needs in the future?

Your display provider should take the time to discover what you plan for the future in addition to what you need right now. If they don’t ask, give them this information and ask them to recommend a solution that will fit all of your needs, now and into the future. Your exhibition stand is your ‘head office’ to attendees at events, so ensure your display your organisation in the way it wants to be perceived by your target audience.

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