1. Be careful of imported bases and bags. They often made with sub standard size aluminium, rather than the Australian standard and may not last more than a few uses. Worst of all, they may have a plastic cartridge system which will break easily.


2. Check the warranty. Our banners come with a 10 year unconditional guarantee. Most systems cheap systems come with 1 year or less.


3. What is the graphic printed on? Beware of graphics that are printed on paper. Your graphic design will look great initially, but after a few uses (as few as 1 or 2), it will begin to wear and de-laminate on the edges. What a waste of your investment, and a poor reflection of your brand. With Spyder Displays, your impressive graphic design is printed on a white polyester film and laminated with a clear polyester laminate to give you at least 5-10 years of quality finish. Check out our graphic design page.


4. Will the banner edges curl? We have all seen those unsightly banner stands with major curls on the edges. All banners will curl due to the tension from the cartridge, but produced correctly, it will be very minimal. Banners printed on vinyl will normally curl forwards. Banners stands that are laminated, will curl depending on the shrinkage of the materials. Having a polyester backing and laminate reduces the curl. How do we know? 20 years experience in the industry!


5. If something goes wrong, can I get it fixed? There are only a few Australian Companies that cover all of Australia with supply of banner displays and warranty service. Spyder Displays is all of these things.


6. How long do you want to use your banner? As a good guide, a cheap banner will last a few events, an average price banner will be good for 12 months, and a good quality banner should last for years.