Your greatest exhibition stand asset is your capable staff who can turn visitors into qualified leads, forge strong relationships, and consistently represent your brand. By taking a balanced approach to your exhibition team, you can build a staff group that is much more than the sum of its parts.


Male and Female Staff

Make your booth more welcoming with staff of both genders on your team.Some people want to talk to someone of the same gender as themselves, while others prefer the opposite, making the exhibition space feel more welcoming. This will still work even if your entire audience is almost all the same gender.


Veteran and New Staff

Have some proven staff who know how to qualify leads and build relationships, as well as some who have never staffed before. You will have to keep refreshing your panel because expert staff will get new job, move away or simply be too busy. Select new staff with potential, who are willing to learn product knowledge, and will work hard the entire show.


Sales, Marketing, Technical, and Top Management Staffers

Visitors to your exhibition space will be at all stages of the buying cycle. Having a blend of staff from various areas in your company means you are able to meet your prospects needs, no matter what they want. This makes for a better visitor experience, and means better business for you.


Your entire exhibition staff need to have a strong work ethic, the right attitude as well as product, customer and industry knowledge. Simply taking into consideration the gender, experience, and position of your exhibition staff, you can create get a stronger team that produces results.