A company’s trade show exhibit is an excellent marketing opportunity – the chance to make a quick impression on buyers and convince them to come to the booth – and is a vital part of an effective, integrated marketing effort. But since the chance to grab a potential customer’s attention passes quickly for an exhibitor (three seconds is all you get), the right booth design is critical.


Exhibition display stands, trade show displays and pop up displays can be utilized to introduce new products, introduce or reinforce a brand, or generate market recognition of an established product or service. How can an exhibitor get the most out of their exhibition or trade show display? 


Here are some tips for achieving the perfect blend of design and effective marketing message:


o Design the booth so visitors can navigate easily without feeling crowded. Keep the atmosphere intimate, and remove any barriers between yourself and your audience.


o Develop a realistic show budget that allocates money where it is needed.


o Keep the message simple so as not to overload visitors with information.


o Have a clear goal, and make it specific. Don’t try to accomplish too much. Make your goals measurable in order to gauge the exhibit’s effectiveness after the show. Use signs and graphics to focus visitors’ attention on your message.


o Use product demonstrations for visitor memorability. Be sure they tie in with your product message.


o Address the needs of the target audience.


o Consider offering a giveaway or promotional product that conveys your message in a way that ties in with the exhibit’s theme.


o Think integrated marketing; brand your exhibit through your promotional activities, via the Internet, mail outs, sales team etc.


Using these guidelines can help you create an effective, and cost-effective, trade show exhibit.