Here are five ideas that will assist your trade show display to shine, no matter where you are on the show floor.

1. Cultivate an Efficient Booth Staff

The most memorable part of attendees’ trade show experience is the interaction with your staff. In a small trade show area, this responsibility falls on just two or three people (one staff member per every 15 metres, ideally with an extra staff member to allow for breaks and shift rotations). Your expo staff must work at peak efficiency so recruit friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate company representatives.

Don’t send your staff to perform on your trade show stage unprepared. Conduct a pre-show meeting to prepare your staff and review your strategy, covering measurable objectives, promotional programs, the lead-gathering system, presentation materials, and work schedules. Practice giving a concise statement of your primary message, asking engaging and qualifying questions, and providing product demonstrations. Go over of proper show etiquette and body language, such as never sitting down in your display area and staying away from computer and mobile phones while on duty.

Time will be your biggest challenge at a trade show. The full process of greeting, qualifying, presenting and recording information, setting up appointments, and dismissing each prospect should take no more than 5 to 7 minutes.

2. Think Outside of the Box

Don’t just think about what you can do in your space – think about what to do outside it to increase exposure to your target audience. For example:

  • Sponsor an event in conjunction with the show.
  • Secure a spot on the conference schedule for someone in your company to speak in an educational session.
  • Plan an additional after-hours event to further engage with your target demographic or distribution channel.
  • Make the most of all networking opportunities, such as social networking and show-sponsored receptions.


3. Put Your Space to Work

The goal of your trade show display design should be to produce a space that is attractive and consistent with your corporate-marketing campaign. Consider the show before deciding whether to use a table top display, a display banner stand or a pop-up display as opposed to a more customized, modular, or one-of-a-kind exhibit.

Regardless the type of display you choose, plan something eye-catching and original. Colour, light and movement will attract attendees to your display area. A single spotlight positioned to light your space can do wonders in terms of making your exhibit stand. Move the elements in your space around to ensure greatest impact and manoeuvrability of your audience and staff.

Identify products or services that are most interesting to your audience and make sure any new produces are the focus of your display. Effective use of product samples or video can enhance the interest in your products. A good idea is to make sure you have attractions in your display space, whether it’s an interactive demo, a game that ties in with your product, eye-catching video, or ‘show only’ special offers. Allow your attendees to experience your display space by making it as interactive as possible.

4. Good Graphics Can Stop Traffic

Make sure the graphic in your fulfil their purpose and capture the attention of qualified prospects. Focus on your prospects’ needs and wants instead of any product specials want to convey.

When it comes to the graphics for your trade show display, less is always more. They should create a visual speed bump to give your staff time to approach and engage those reading them. The benefit, or unique selling position, of your product or service should be easily identifiable in the time it takes to walk past the the front of your booth.


5. Drum up Visitors Before the Show

Most attendees do research about the show, starting about six weeks prior to the opening day. They then cull this information into short lists of companies that they’d like to visit on the show floor, looking for companies that can help them with solutions to their business problems.

Focus your promotional efforts on getting your list of prospects to visit your exhibit and offer them with a compelling solution to their problems. Tell them how your product or service will save them time, hassles or money, or offer to show them something new.

If corporate gifts are part of your promotional strategy, pick items that have a high perceived value. These will likely be kept by the attendee, especially if they have a tie-in to your show messaging to make them more memorable.

By following the above advice, you’ll be on your way to making your next trade show display or expo booth a big success.