To achieve sustainable results business owners need to plan a way to make their objectives a priority and their vision a reality, and exhibition marketing is no exception. If you want to outshine your competitors you need to get serious about your marketing agenda. The following tips are worth considering for the best audience impact, and overall return on investment.


  1. See if history worth repeating: It can be easy to participate in events in autopilot, without analysing data from previous years to see if it is worth your time. Taking the time to go through results from past events can assist you to understand where you’ve been, and how to get to where you want to go with your next few events.

  2. Understand your target demographic: How familiar are you with your customer niche? The more you know, the more likely it is that you are allowing complacency to get in the way of achieving the best results. You need to resonate with your ever evolving target market by getting to know them over again and again, (every year) to ensure that your marketing plan still resonates with your audience.

  3. Create a “no limit” marketing plan: You know you know your past successes and current demographic needs now, so you can go ahead and begin to create your marketing plan. Include details on how you are going to achieve your objectives and your company's current goals. Armed with past successes and current demographic needs, it’s time to create your comprehensive marketing plan. Include any and all ideas while brainstorming, no matter how over the top they may seem, to make sure every goal is considered.

  4. Now scale it back a bit: Now that you’ve created your ‘“no limit” marketing plan, its time to scale it back a bit. Go through all your notes at realistically redefine your list. Make your objectives a priority and your plan for achieving them so that you can be sure that all of your goals receive attention.

  5. Embrace substance over hype: Once your plan is ready to be implemented, it’s important to keep a clear, professional eye on not crossing that line between hype and substance. While it’s important to create buzz, you can put off audience members if your marketing is too gimmicky or forced.

Long term sustainability in your exhibition marketing is achievable when you are prepared to look at and make necessary changes to your plans. Approach each event as a fresh and exciting opportunity, and make the most of every single one.