Spyder Displays and Flexirent MiniLease have teamed up to offer an effective solution to the cost of marketing your products and services in these difficult financial times.

“The same as a Car Lease”

Flexirent MiniLease is the quick and easy leasing solution for a wide range of commercial equipment, and that includes display and exhibition eqiupment. Flexirent’s MiniLease delivers 100% leasing finance for amounts as low as $1500. Terms cans be three, four or five years. The longer the term, the lower the monthly payment. Simply select the term that suits your budget. It also features mini residuals.

No deposit required

Other than the first month’s lease payment, no deposit is required. You may wish to lower the payments by making an upfront payment. The residual will still remain the same however.

Low monthly payments

The longer the term, the lower the monthly payment. You select the term that best suits your monthly budget or the equipment. The longer the term, the lower the residual amount at the end.

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