As design trends change we begin to see more elaborate graphic and content on exhibition stands. These can be overwhelming, and also result in other factors being overlooked. There are four key features to a great exhibition stand, and it’s about more than just content and graphics.



If you want to be noticed, be different


One of the more important considerations for any marketing endeavour is standing out. It can be tempting to recreate someone else’s cool design, but it’s not a good idea. Your company is unique, so it stands to reason that your stand should reflect that. Attendees should be able to differentiate between your company stand and your competitors, so remain open minded and think beyond the standard designs often seen on the event floor.



Shine some light on your display


Lighting is one of the best ways to add visual appeal to your exhibition stand and shouldn’t be overlooked. By using different colours and intensities of light, you can customise your exhibit to fit better with a desired theme or match a new product line you are featuring. Creatively illuminate important signage, important samples, or key aspects of your display.



Keep Your Message Is Consistent


You need to leave your guests with a clear image of who you and what you offer. The best way to get the point across is to make sure your message is clear and consistent. Every aspect of your media should work together, so making sure your printed materials, website, display, social media and even staff uniforms are cohesively branded is paramount. Plan your display so that it works with your other marketing materials to add to a unified theme.



Don’t Forget About The Floor


The last aspect of a great stand can often be easily overlooked… the floor. It may not seem as important as great signage, but the floor of an exhibition stand can tie together the overall appearance of the display, giving you a unified feel and defining the space. Many show floors are tile or concrete, which may give you an unfinished look which can be avoided with a more appropriate material. Spyder Displays have a great portable timber floor tiles, click here to find out more.


When you’re planning your next event, consider the above four tips to make your next display as successful as is can be.