Now that it’s so easy to purchase online, why do businesses still attend exhibitions? It’s because they want to meet their suppliers face to face, see what the people working in your company are like, and work out if your company is worth doing business with.

Here are some great ways to build trust at your next exhibition.



Pay attention to every attendee


Being ignored is exasperating, because if they are ignored in your stand, it stands to reason that they may be ignored as a customer. If someone walks into your stand, they are your guest, so greet them.



Make eye contact


Creating a connection is important, which is why eye contact is so important. It shows that you are paying attention to your visitors, which makes them feel valued and creates trust.



Listen to what attendees are saying


While it’s important to get some talking point across, listen first to what each visitor is trying to achieve at the show, or your visitor won’t listen to a word you say. Attendees want a conversation, not a monologue.



Know what you’re talking about


The internet means that attendees are better informed than they have been in the past. Make sure your industry and product knowledge is good enough for you to be able to competently answer questions, or your visitors will take their business to someone who knows their stuff instead.



Make sure your display is up to scratch


Make no mistake; your visitors judge your company and your trustworthiness on how well it is represented by your trade show display. Does it show that you are a good company work with and communicate how it can help them solve their problems? Is the message consistent? Do parts of your display look like they need repair or even replacement? Your display will either reflect well on your company, or make it look bad.

Good branding builds trust. If a potential buyer trust that you can consistently deliver something they need, and  they will reward you with their business and loyalty. Your display works as hard as any of your staff in earning your visitors trust and keeping it.