Apple’s iPad has taken the world by storm, with sales of over 13 million units in its first year alone. Which begs the question: what part will the iPad play in the exhibiition world? Let’s look at the way iPads are becoming an exhibitors’ newest best friend.

Personal Demonstrations.

Traditionally, exhibitors have used LCD or Plasma screens mounted on their trade show display walls to drive traffic to their stands. iPads allow sales staff to bring their marketing message closer to attendees and engage with them in a personal way.


Unlike laptops, iPads are super portable with a great battery life. You can rest it on your lap, pick it up, put it down and simply put it in your bag. The iPad becomes the perfect companion especially for travelling trade show staff. Sales people can simply walk with attendees to a quieter area to give demonstrations and talk when the exhibition stand is crowded.




The touch screen on the iPad creates an easy way to interact with your prospect by allowing attendees to actively participate in demonstrations. Sales staff can immediately email information straight to the potential lead’s email, before they even leave the expo.



Easily create a demo kiosk.

Create a demonstration kiosk for attendees by simply placing an iPad on a stand. Attendees can view product demonstrations, watch promotional videos or read marketing materials at their own page. Sales staff should be close to answer questions or give them more detailed information.


Tight integration with lead management systems.

Once lead information is captured, that data can be easily integrated with your company’s lead management system for customer management. It must be said that not all customer relationship systems support the iPad, but no doubt they are working fast to provide future support.