Make your Marquee a Stand Out


If you are a weekend stall holder, there are lots of simple tips and techniques that will help you get the most out of your folding tent or marque experience.


Great Lighting

Not unlike moths, light attracts people. Dim lighting in your indoor market or convention centre stall can literally show you and your products in their worst light. Install tent-friendly lighting that complements the infrastructure of your marquee and throws the spotlight on your products. Play with different light temperatures to find the shade that works best for you. Your local hardware store will have cheap lighting solutions that makes your stall look more inviting. Its a good idea to hide the lighting so that your presentation is natural and seamless.



Add Some Colour

A well executed colour scheme can put your market stall at the top of its game and attract passers by. White backdrops never go out of style. An eye-popping white background with dark or colourful objects will reflect light and catch the attention of passers by. Backdrops that contract or complement the other elements of your display will create a harmonious environment that invites visitors to come in and explore your selection of products.


Details speak Volumes

Attention to detail makes all the difference. Details make up the overall effect and communicate the how much thought and care you put into your display. Potential customers perceive a quality display as a quality product and will feel they can trust you to remember the little things for them. That goes a long way towards building a quality relationship and making a sale.


Stay Current so you Stay Busy

Do everything you can to ensure your display doesn’t look dated. People expect to see new, different and beautiful things at markets and trade shows. Knowing the image you want to project will help dictate the style you will use. Let popular taste style your market tent and will draw in potential clients who identify with that aesthetic. It tells them that you have something relevant to show them that they need now.


Rethink Marquee Layout

A great marquee can make an impression. Lining the walls with tables however, can feel boring and unwelcoming. Brainstorm a setup for your marquee layout that will make passers by feel inclined to stop in.


Try setting up your table in the middle of your marquee, halving the space and still leaving space for shoppers to step in. If you want to make a space for making professional connections. Try using taller, bar style tables as a conversational areas.



Pull the Outside In

If you are using your marquee to display products at a market or show, you can draw passersby in by settings products just outside the ten. This is a prominent position, so set out popular items priced within the reach of most people. A small selection set out on a table on each side of the opening will give passersby a taste of the goodness further inside your marquee. Keep expensive items further inside your tent, you don’t want to scare away potential customers by setting them out the front.



Be Different

If you want to be noticed, be different. Use unexpected props and furniture to set the stage for your service pitch or display your products. Why not skip the standard table and try wheelbarrows, fruit crates, birdbaths, vintage coat racks or whatever else you can find.


Create a Miniature Storefront

Your market stall should act like a miniature storefront. Just like any store front, make sure your logo and company name is clearly displayed and easy to read. Use a combination of visual effects that will draw customers in, impress and intrigue. Spyder Displays Marquees allow you to display your logo and business name on the marquee itself, creating a harmonious effect and reinforcing your company branding.



Use some of the techniques above and you will differentiate you from the competition and show off your creativity. For a customised solution to your marquee, Spyder Displays will work to create a solution and make you stand out. Click here to find out more.