You don’t need a mammoth-sized exhibition or trade show booth, or piles of money to make a big (and memorable) statement at your next show. Use these five tactics for getting the biggest bang out of your small booth.

Use lighting. According to industry research, lighting can increase awareness of your exhibit by 30 to 50 percent. Renting a portable lighting system or using product spotlights will give your small exhibit the extra exposure it needs.

Keep it simple. Feature only one or two products. Any more than that and you’ll just add clutter – and keep your prospects away.

Employ bold colors. Find high-impact hues that will stand out from a distance, and avoid neutral colors that will just blend into the background.

Invest in graphics. Using fewer and larger graphics is the first step. Then, make sure all graphics start no lower than 36 inches on the backwall. Otherwise, they won’t be seen when people or products are standing in front of them. And remember that dense or too-small copy will not be read.

Be proportionate. Large reception counters or product kiosks will crowd your space and make it look even smaller than it is. Leave enough room in your exhibit so staffers can talk comfortably with attendees