Photo Sharing Etiquette for Trade Shows

Social media is quickly becoming an important part of the exhibition scene. Here’s a list what to do (and what to avoid) when it comes to sharing photos at your next trade show event.



?Take photos of visitors within your display space.

?Post their photos online only with their permission.

?Post as quickly as possible.

?Mention the names of people you post, and the companies they work for (they will love you for the free publicity). Check the spelling before you post!

?Get their logo or backdrop in the picture.

?Remember photos posted online represent your brand.

?Take a lot of photos! When you photograph someone, let them know you want to take two or three to make sure you get a good one. You don’t want to post a picture of someone with their eyes closed or a funny look on their face.

?Invite your photo subject to ‘like’ and share the photo across their social media network.

?Crop the photo if you are able.


?Wait longer than a day too to post the photo.

?Post photos of people looking silly or in embarrassing situations.

?Post pictures without telling people.

?Share every photo…. just use only the best ones.

?Share on only one social network. Facebook is fine, but don’t forget about Flickr, Google+, Twitter and especially the newest and hottest image-sharing network: Pinterest.

?Post photos of other booths.

?Focus your photos about your staff, instead, it should be about the visitors.


I hope this list assists you to leverage the photo sharing aspect of social media to extend the life of a trade exhibition, and build relationships with your visitors and potential clients.