Exhibitions and Trade Shows can be one of the most effective methods of marketing. No other medium brings prospects directly to you or provides a chance to target all five of their senses while creating a brand personality for a product.


Here are a few tips on how to gains as much as possible from exhibiting:

  1. Set specific and measurable goals. This provides a benchmark for measuring success. They can be as wide and varied as “make 10 new appointments”, “meet 50 new prospects”, “hand out 200 samples/flyers” or “network with 13 top buyers and dealers”.
  2. Keep in mind your objectives when choosing the location, design and activities for your stand. Think of different ways to tailer it to attract your target audience. For Eg, to attract top-level decision makers, have a few of your own managers on your stand.
  3. Email prospects and customers before the show to say you’ll be there. Most customers will not actively seek this information. Research shows that 83 per cent of successful companies at exhibitions emailed potential visitors before the show.
  4. Organise PR and advertising in the lead up to the show. Spread the word as much as possible. Advertising need not be costly – research opportunities in newspapers and magazines and on the radio.
  5. Ensure your staff are informed and enthusiastic. Reiterate your company’s objectives. Remember, it is the people who make the stand.


Article from Exhibition & Events Association of Australasia