The Kokoda Challenge is Australia’s premier bushwalking team event where teams of 4 people trek a 96km course through the Gold Coast Hinterland within a 39 hour time limit. The event is held on the 3rd week of July every year with registrations open on February 1.


The event was designed to reflect the key elements of the Spirit of Kokoda with 96km representing the actual distance of the Kokoda Track and the 39 hours symbolizing the 39th Militia who were the first of our Australian troops to arrive at Kokoda on 15th July 1942.


The arduous 96km course (climbing 5000 metres) snaking through the Gold Coast Hinterland is one of the toughest physical and mental test that anyone could undertake. With each step you will become more aware of the Kokoda Spirit.


The Kokoda Spirit – mateship, endurance, courage and sacrifice will be alive and well on the 17-18th of July, as each of us experience (on some level) a sense of what the diggers endured on the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, way back in 1942.


As we take on this journey, we remind ourself that it’s all for a good cause. By participating we are playing an important role in supporting the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program. And that’s what this event is really all about.


The Kokoda Challenge is the major fundraiser for the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program. The program allows a diverse group of young people to train and walk alongside you in the Kokoda Challenge. And from there, take on the journey of a lifetime – walking the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea. During the 14 month program the Kokoda Kids (as they are fondly known) are equipped with lifelong skills such as improved confidence, self-awareness and a true sense of belonging.


In 2010, the goal is to raise $700,000 to continue to improve the lives of the Kokoda Kids. This no-doubt is a sound investment in all of our futures.