From snazzy new displays, incentives and rewards for key staff to intensive training, there are a myriad of low cost methods to improve the performance of your next trade show.


Here are ten tips to get you started.


  1. Do your research. Make sure your trade show attracts a large number of people from your target audience.
  2. Plan and Prepare. Give yourself plenty of time. Preparation for a major trade show or expo can take from twelve to eighteen months.
  3. Prep your Prospects. Don’t wait until the trade show arrives to let your prospects know about the show. Email them some information and include a call to action, urging them to stop by your booth.
  4. First Impressions Count. Stress to your trade show staff the importance of friendly greetings, polite body language and good manners. Establish a dress code to give your company a professional image.
  5. Ensure the staff on your booth can answer any technical questions.
  6. Practice asking qualifying questions with your staff.
  7. Product demonstrations draw a crowd. Make sure your staff can give an engaging presentation and have them practice before the expo.
  8. Read the exhibitor manual before the show and ensure that you designate one staff member as the ‘go-to’ person for liaison with trade show management.
  9. Establish a protocol to follow up leads and turn them into sales
  10. Follow up attendees to say ‘Thank You’ for filling our surveys or participating in demonstrations.


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