When it comes to trade shows, you’ll want to ensure that your exhibition or trade show display stands out from the rest.

Modular trade show displays help showcase your company and ensure that it will be noticed. There are an unlimited variety of options to choose from when selecting your trade show modular exhibition display.

Some of the greatest advantages of this type of display stand include;

a) their ease of use in installing and dismantling.

b) portability for transporting between venues and your storage point.

c) the use of light weight materials such as aluminum extrusions, durable films for printing, and other suitable medias.

d) and the ability to adapt the display system for different configurations and booth dimensions. ie. 3m x 3m, 6m x 3m and so on.

Modular display systems can be tailored or fully customized to fit your display needs.

Design, quality, usability, and ease of use are your key elements to creating eye-catching, high impact modular display stands. Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern appeal or a high tech look, your choice of design must match the message of your display or the professionalism of your brand.

Modular stands are one of the most efficient ways to create the display that best fits your business goals and marketing budget. With the option to add to your display components at a later date, it is easy to build on your investment over a number of years.

Most display stands have a vast array of accessories and other components like LCD or Plasma stands, various lighting (including backlit), shelving to support products and other items and a whole host of counters for multimedia, presentations or storage.

Spyder Display’s lead the creation and development of portable display stands, banner stands and display systems in Australia to create a display product that stands out from the rest. Since 1987, our portable display stands have sparked the attention of some of the most renowned organisations around the world.