In terms of exhibiting, most companies utilise the same tired old tactics that worked in years past, and the outcome is they all begin to feel and appear the same. This scenario is especially true with regards to exhibition displays. So just how to create a splash with your Exhibition Stand and create a buzz?


Magnify Your Exhibition Presence: Do something amazing at your exhibition stand. It could be an exceptional display that represents your brand or featuring an activity that pulls people naturally towards your space. Conduct a competition for attendees, give interesting talks hourly – there are a number of ways to create a buzz so that people are organically drawn towards your exhibiting space.


Leverage Social Media to Market Your Exhibition Presence: Start telling your staff and prospects about the event far in advance. Create a hashtag for your event and a compelling reason as to why they should visit your booth. It could involve a special giveaway, a brand new product announcement or maybe the chance to be one of initial few users of a specific product that is still in development.


Excite Your Staff to market the Event: Inspire them to talk about your display presence to their networks. Specifically for your sales reps it is an ideal chance to broadcast to their leads the benefits they will likely reap in attending this show. And naturally, your marketing warriors ought to be in the forefront in promoting this event.


Generate a Targeted Offer for the Exhibition: A landing page on your website that promotes your display presence and addresses the question “What’s in it for me?” Compound this unique attribution with insider information, such as a downloadable e-book that is connected to the theme of the display. If people are curious about what you’re saying, it will give them another reason to attend the exhibition.


Use a QR on your display graphics: Encourage people to scan the code by integrating it with a compelling offer. Configure the code to send prospects to a dedicated landing page with the same value proposition that highlights the display connection. Invite them to download a targeted offer. This will allow you generate leads from your exhibition presence and will give you a way for you to track results from the event.

Promote with Social Sharing: Compelling content is bound to go viral. Include social media share buttons (facebook) in your landing page to encourage others to promote the event through their own social media sites. Go on, follow them, like them whatever it is that you have to do just to get your content noticed. Start a two-way conversation. Generate third-party recommendations from people not directly associated with your company. Think of your display as a destination site. Partner with local restaurants, entertainment companies to provide compelling offers for your visitors which will ring a bell of memorability in their minds.