Attending a trade show or exhibition is an effective way of promoting your company and its products. A Retractable Banner Stand, if properly placed, can attract attention to your Exhibition or Trade Show Booth and effectively deliver your message to prospective clients, current customers and business contacts.


Your Trade Show Display will stand out from the crowd, and a Banner Stand is a great way to make sure it does! Retractable Banner Stands can be used in conjunction with a Trade Show Display or on their own to advertise a Product or brand, announce an event, or showcase information about your business. They can be used as an extension of your Trade Show Booth at a show, set up in other areas like the lobby, or on stage next to a speaker.


Banner Stand or Rectractable Banner Stands have many benefits including being Lightweight, Portable, Easy to Set-Up and Take-Down, reusable, long-lasting and updatable. With proper care your Banner Stands can be used for several years of advertisement for your business or product. Use your Banner Stand wherever your audience is likely to be found to direct the flow of traffic right to your Booth. You will also find that you have more uses than you are aware for the banner once purchased.



Keven Riordan

National Sales Manager