The aim of an trade show exhibition is to see products, right? Yes and no. There is more to a trade show than simply selling. Among other things, you’re there to build the credibility and equity of your brand.


From a practical standpoint, while the display space has to function to meet your exhibition objectives, the everything about it from the style of interaction with visitors to the look and feel of your display has to clearly express what your brand is about.


The design process begins with initial discussion, moves on to production eventually, final set up. Creating a display that helps build brand equality is not an simple task, but its also not that difficult. Anyone who has been with your company a few years will know your brand well. They will know who you customers are, can describe your brand easily and knows how your products are viewed in the marketplace, as well as how to separate the brand from the competition.


Beyond the look, feel and function of the display the most important aspect of your brand are your representatives, which should know your business and product line inside and out. They should be fully briefed on your company’s goals at the show – and how this trade show may differ from other shows – so that if any visitors asks an strange question, they can answer it confidently.


Keep in mind that visitors won’t stop at every booth in an exhibition, they won’t have time. If they do stop by your booth, you only have a few moments to make an impression. That impression will be gathered from the look and feel of your space, the interaction of the staff, and the products on offer. Miss these components, and the first impression may be easily outweighed by one or more of your competitors.


The method you’ve used to draw your visitor into your space also reflects on your brand. If you focused on pre-show marketing they may have already received an invitation via email or a direct mail piece.The way you draw your visitor to your booth also plays into their perception of your brand. Perhaps they saw a tweet or read about your appearance on Facebook, Linkedin or Google+? Every part of the pre-show invitations and post-show follow-up should be designed to build your brand.


The sum of all of these efforts is the final impression that your visitor receives from your show appearance. Get all these pieces into place and you will increase your brand credibility.


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