Whatever your exhibition marketing strategy, the objectives are the same:


  • Stay in budget while representing your projects or services.
  • Stand out from your competitors and attract attendees to your display.
  • Measure your return on investment by managing leads and tracking product interest.



Did you know that:


  1. Of all literature handed out, 70% never leaves the exhibition floor!
  2. Of the remaining 30% that makes it back to your potential client, only 15% will actually reach the decision maker.


A great way to achieve your objectives while making sure your message does not end up binned is by using a Digital Document Library. A Digital Document Library (DDL) is a web-based software application that manages and delivers documents, videos and other literature while also capturing lead information. Here how it works.

Electronic files of any file type (video, pdf, jpeg, mpeg, cad, doc) are stored in your Digital Document Library website, with the addition of with lead capture software for your exhibition.  You need a display device incorporated into your exhibition display. Attendees can choose the information they are more interested in and then receive an email instantly. You as the exhibitor are sent a report that shows who shopped by your display and which products they were interested in.



To follow are some benefits for the exhibition:

  • Huge cost savings.  You no longer pay the cost for printed collateral, shipping and waste. As an added bonus, you will have additional room at your display that previously had to be used for storage of extra literature.
  • There is no limit to how many products you can market at a show.  The Digital Document Library can house hundreds of files, allowing you to display your entire product line.
  • Be ahead of the rest in after show follow-up. The back end of most reporting systems for Digital Document Libraries allow you to see who had what documents sent to them, if the documents were opened or even forwarded.
  • The reporting system includes other features, such as the ability to sort show activity by document, time and date.  You can see which products were most popular at the show show, which marketing material had the strongest performance, and at which times you had the most traffic in your area.



The Digital Document Library is a great resource to attract interest to your display, easily distribute more information into the hands of your clines and a measurable way to see the return on your investment.

Click attack has a great Digital Document Library system for Events and Trade shows, check it out here: