The beginning of a new year is a great time to take stock and think about how you can take your display communication to the next level. Beginning is as simple as being clear on the whathowand why for your organisation.

  • Know what you do.
  • Know how you do it.
  • Know why you do what you do. This will give you the power to inspire others and influence their industries.


Inspirational organisations are clear on why they do what they do, and communicate theirwhy accordingly. Your why should be clearly communicated inside your company as well as outside, especially in your marketing, exhibition promotions and recruitment.


Getting clear on why do you what you do means that you will attract like-minded people, and will in turn create loyalty and lasting relationships. It makes sense to start thinking how why is a good place to start when it comes to inspiring others on the exhibition floor. Here are some ideas of where to begin:




If a large part of your exhibition marketing is to increase brand recognition, ask yourself the following question. Does your current display communicate why you do what you do or simply show how you do it? If your why isn’t communicated, it may be time to review yours design, do communicate your why better, so that you can inspire exhibition attendees and others that believe in the same thing you do.




Communicating the why of your organisation will help you attract employees with similar beliefs who are a good fit for your company. Ask your staff why they come in every day to work for your organisation, and share those stories in your display, audio visual presentations and with your exhibition staff. This is a wonderful way to incorporate your why into what you do.



Product Demonstration

It’s important to showcase or demonstrate your product on the exhibition floor. While this is a valid objective, sometimes your exhibition booth can end up being all what, and very little why. Your company and products are commodities too. Keep that in mind and your why become as important as your what. There may be ways you can better communicate your why to inspire others and lead on the exhibition floor.




Use your display as a platform to educate and inform your audience, starting with a why. Communicate what you believe, how you began doing what you do, and how it resulted from thewhy. Inspire people to become your followers and advocates, because they can relate and believe in your why.



Build Relationships

People coming together due to a common belief result in the best relationships. Communicate your why to your target audience and you will inspire them to share, and start long term, beneficial and loyal relationships.