No1 – An LCD or Plasma screen can be an excellent addition to your display stand. A small 20″ LCD monitor, or a 50″ Plasma can easily be added to a trade show display and create the impact required to generate results.

No. 2 – Display System Lighting can enhance your graphics or brand well. This simple and cost effective addition can make an impact or grab your audiences attention ahead of other exhibitors.

No. 3 – Shelving can easily offer an area on your display stand for product placement, brochure stands or to hold a laptop. A well thought out stand can use shelving without taking away the impact of the graphics and brand.

No. 4 – Brochure Stands are a great addition for showcasing your marketing material without utilising valuable space on your display stand. They come in a variety of materials.

No. 5 – Overhead Signage is a great way to be noticed from a distance. It is low cost and can easily attached to many of our display stands and systems.