Banner stands (also know as Roll Up Banners, Retractable Banners or Pull Up Banners) are an excellent display for business promotions and increasing product awareness.


The following is an easy guide for organising a good banner stand (as there are plenty of bad ones out there!)


1) What is your message? What you are trying to achieve with this portable display?

eg. Is it for brand awareness? To convey what your business specializes in? To promote a product or service? To educate about your business?


2) You need to decide where you will be using the banner stand and for what purpose?

Eg. Do I need a single or double sided banner stand? Does it need to be carried by hand? Do I need to change the message on the banner at a later date?


3) Look for a reputable Display Company who has been in the industry for a while. Check the customer service area of website, check the warranty, ask for a sample. Check the delivery time frames and even ask for a reference or two from customers.


4) Decide on a stand that meets your requirements – style, budget, durability, weight etc. In most cases, the cheapest is not always the best!!


5) Create a Design brief for your designers or the Display companies designers. Ask the display company for images of banners they have created to get a feel for what may work for you.


7) A PDF proof from the Display Company will need to be checked and approved before printing.`


8) Once signed off, you can expect your banner stand to be delivered in time for your event.