Having an exhibition marketing budget focuses you to the actual cost of exhibiting and provides the basis for measuring and establishing your return on investment.


Make sure you don’t leave anything out and be aware that your budget can vary from show to show as your requirements change. If you haven’t set an exhibition marketing budget before, use the categories below as a guide:


o Exhibition stand costs:

– Exhibition stand purchase or rental costs. Note: include refurbishing and/or expansion costs when budgeting for subsequent shows


o Exhibition Design Graphics:

– Vinyl, large format, digital fabric signage and graphics, lightboxes etc


o Exhibition costs:

– Exhibition stand space, shipping to and from the show, install and dismantling, electrics, flooring, carpet, furniture, audio visual, photography, stand cleaning and other specialist requirements like waste/water, internet or telephone


o Stand Staff:

– Accommodation, travel, expenses, uniforms


o Marketing for your exhibit:

– Pre-show, at-show and post-show direct mail/email marketing, pr and media relations, advertising, sponsorship, promotional giveaways, literature or customer hospitality


Add a 5% – 10% contingency to the total budget

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