Your display isn’t the only thing representing your company at your next exhibition. Plenty of attention will also be give you to you and your staff. You’ll be working long hours on your feet at your exhibit, so dress accordingly. You can dress professionally and still be comfortable if you keep a few things in mind.


Dress For The Event Type

Most venues don’t have a formalised dress code, but they have guidelines they expect attendees and exhibitors. Generally, casual clothes at events are a no-no, with the exception of recreational events, such boat shows and sport themed events. Any professional conference call for a dress standard similar to an important day at the office.


Dress For The Venue

It’s a good idea to check where your display will be situated within the venue, because there is a massive difference between padded, carpeted flooring and a concrete hall. The harder the floor, the more comfortable your shoes will need to be. If you are a woman, avoid wearing sandals as they look to informal and in areas where there is a lot of wiring for multiple trade show booth, injuries to toes and feet are common. Avoid high heels or new shoes or you will have blistered, aching feet by the end of the day.


Details Are Important

  • Scaled down or cover up any body art or piercings with the exception of earrings. Body art can be viewed with disfavour by more conservative industries and may been seen as inappropriate. Working a trade show booth is about representing your company, not expressing your personal taste.

  • Wear jewellery in moderation. Choose classic and understated pieces. An armful of bangles or flashy earrings can be distracting. You want your message to be the star!

  • It sounds simple, but polish your shoes!  Neglected or scuffed shoes send the message you aren’t interested in details, which is a negative message, no matter how fantastic your display is.

  • You will be shaking a lot of hands, so make sure your hands are well groomed and look their best.

  • Take a small sewing kit and lint brush along for emergency repairs and quick clean ups.

Keep these tips in mind, and you will be sure to dress to impress at your next event!