1.    Understand your target market.

As a trader it you need to understand your unique selling point and your target market. Your unique selling point is what differentiates your business and earns you a special place in the minds of your target market. You need to know who buys your product, what they use it for, what your product does that others don’t, and how your product offers a solution to your customers needs. Answer these questions and you are on your way.


2.    Be chatty with customers.

Selling at a market stall is very customer orientation, so make sure you can smile, be enthusiastic and hold a conversation… no matter what your mood! To turn browsers into buyers, you need to talk to them about it as part of a lifestyle, be interested in what they are doing and sell it to them as part of the dream. Avoid the hard sell at all costs, if they are interested they will approach and engage in conversation naturally.

3.    Keep your prices competitive.

In order to attract the right kind of customer, once you’ve decided what you are going to sell, make sure the quality of your product is of the highest standard. The price of the product should appear to be good value for money to guarantee sales and repeat customers. Its important that you believe in what you sell as this encourages sales, or you will be tempted to discount your wares to encourage sales. Unfortunately, this is a false economy. Where one customer may find something too expensive, the next customer will think it is great value and buy.


4.    Secrets of the trade:

If you want your stock to move fast, place items you want to sell quickly at an elevated level in the centre of your stall. That way, your customers will see it first. Displaying items in odd numbers such as 3, 5 and 7 draws attention to the products and enhances the display. Lastly, if you have a large stock of the one item, only place a small collection on display to maintain the illusion of exclusivity and avoid overwhelming the display.

5.    Make your graphics great.

Like any other business, building your brand is important. Make sure your logo and catchline is on your labels, eye level signage and even marquee tent. Don’t forget to get postcards, business cards and promotional materials. Give your customers something to remember you by so that they remember you. Always add information about how they can buy from you later, such as an online store or at a stockist.

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