With all the information available on the internet, it is difficult to sort the experienced companies from the rest.


The advances in printing technology and media’s, and the customisable nature of the trade show and exhibition displays, gives you the control in creating a superb promotional item to represent your brand and requirements effectively.


A good strategic approach to direct marketing will serve you well in selecting your portable and custom display supplier.


If you’re in the market for a display for the first time, or you are looking to refresh your existing solution, then it’s important to make yourself aware of key considerations in the industry – print quality, life span of the product, warranty, after sales service, storage,¬†recycling, travel requirements. (Contact us to discuss further)


More than just a pretty face


Your display stand or exhibition booth is the face of your organisation, so yes, looks are important. But also look for a portable display supplier who can illustrate years of experience and can offer all the bells and whistles with their products and services.


Look beyond your next event


When looking at your supplier options, the obvious choice will jump out as a company who will be there for the long haul. Experience has shown us that, your displays will be used for more than what you planned for. As other staff or events arise, you will find it extremely easy to use your existing setup.


A versatile display stand will adapt to the many events and uses that may be required for the lifetime of the display system.


Easy is boring


Don’t look for the norm. Rather than simply purchasing the ideas you suggest, let us take a strategic approach to your requirements, taking into account growth and future options. As one of the few remaining Australian Manufacturers, we can go above and beyond to add value by suggesting improvements and by offering new ideas you may not have previously considered.