While planning and organising your exhibition or trade show event, you will need to look at many aspects to ensure that it is a success.


The following is a good list of Do’s and Don’ts when planning your exhibition or conference event.


Do: Research a show carefully before you decide to exhibit. Check out the show’s history – Does it attract a large number of your target audience? Is it easy for the attendee to find and reach by car or public transport?

Ask your association related to the event. Speak to past exhibitors about there experience. Ask your clients if they attend.

Don’t: Be afraid to ask questions! Show organisers have all the information you would benefit from including all exhibitor requirements, attendee demographics etc.


Do: Plan early. Regular exhibitors start planning their appearances 6-12 months in advance. Contact us on 1800 077 218 to discuss further. 

Don’t: Pass on visiting other industry events before you exhibit. Make a note of what exhibition display stands were effective and those that were ineffective.


Do: Make a list of your goals and objectives for your event. Make your list achievable with specific outcomes. Eg. Specific number of leads, Specific dollars in sales, showcase a new product (hand out specific number of samples)

Don’t: Get sidetracked by what everyone else is doing – or by what people tell you you ‘have’ to do.


Do: Be open to being creative in presenting your products or services. Your tradeshow Display needs to be engaging to attract visitors to the Exhibtion or Trade Show. REMEMBER, you only have 5-8 seconds to attract visitors attention. Contact us on 1800 077 218 to for great ideas for your event.

Don’t: forget to be enthusiastic about your products and services. If you love your brand and are genuinely excited about what you do, attendees will sense that. Enthusiasm is contagious – and more importantly, it sells!


Do: listen more than talk. Focus on what the visitors want!

Don’t: hit visitors with facts, figures and sales talk.


Do: Remember, first impressions are everything! Be professional, well-dressed and polite at all times.

Don’t: Eat, drink on your trade show stand, or chat on your mobile phone. When wanting a break, go for a walk and leave your stand.


Do: Be realistic. Exhibitions are long events so make sure you have the right staff for your stand. Event staff need to keep your stand fresh and be motivated.

Don’t: Forget to train your staff. Explain the objectives, types of questions to be asked, what the marketing message is etc.


Do: Ask the correct questions. Qualify the visitor by knowing who you are talking to, who they work for, and in what capacity. This will help you determine if the visitor is a prospective customer or not.

Don’t: Be afraid to encourage people to move along if they are not interested in your services.


Do: Take notes on visitors and leads, what they are after etc. Create a lead form in which you will record important information for post show follow-ups.

Don’t: Depend on your memory – a few words scribbled on the back of the business card will not be enough after the show is over and you have met with lots of people.


Do: Reach out to your customers and the media. Contact customer before the event to let them know you are attending. Also, be open to interviews during the event, especially if you have something new or special to present.

Don’t: Forget to read the exhibitor’s manual. Inside, you will find important information relating to the show, including bump in and bump out of your display stand, event times, extra services etc. 


Do: Use giveaway’s that enhance your brand, products and services. You want items that your potential customers use regularly and reinforce their impression of you as an expert.

Don’t: Get caught up in trendy giveaways pushed by promotional sales people. You want to stand out from the crowd, not merge with it!


Do: FOLLOW UP! This is the most important part of your exhibition event. Follow up all leads with a letter or telephone calls and pursue more promising leads. If you make promises at the event, deliver on them.

Don’t: Hesitate to include hands-on interactive demonstrations or mulitmedia presentations into your exhibition them whenever possible. Have fun with your event.