Just begun the process of buying your new exhibition display? Whether you are completely new to the trade show scene or an exhibition veteran, you’ve probably already discovered that the process of purchasing a display can be an overwhelming experience.

Here are some tips to consider before you begin to help make the process easier.



What are your goals?


Having a set of objectives will help set you up for a successful trade show. Are you raising brand awareness? Will you be showcasing a new product or service? Is your goal to gather business leads? Decide what your measurement is to make your trade show a success. When you have defined your objectives, talk about them with your display consultant so they can guide you during the purchasing and design process.



Who is your audience? 


The next question you need to consider is who your display will attract. This will be enormously helpful in constructing and branding your display. Are you looking for direct sales or corporate leaders? The audience you are trying to attract plays a large role in the design of your display. This step is as important as identifying your objectives.



What kind of shows will you be attending? 


You won’t know where your event schedule will take you during the life of your display, but you should have a general idea of the type and size of shows you are targeting. You need to know how much space you will need, how long shows will run for, and whether your display will be able to adapt to being accessible to guests and having different sides visible before your design is finalised.



Have a clearly established budget


Knowing what your budget is will assist you in determining the return on investment on your purpose. Let the display company know what your budget is upfront, so that they can work within it. Keeping your budget secret means that you run the risk of falling in love with an exhibit you can’t afford. Your display company is there to assist you to achieve the best solution for your marketing needs. The more information they have, the more successful your display outcome will be.