Most people have been to plenty of trade exhibitions. Most business owners know how to utilise these events to build relationships and find prospect. As a first time exhibitor, these tips may just help you achieve your goals.


Here is a list of what not to do at your trade show event.


  1. Don’t call yourself a ninja or guru. If you are truly good at what you do, labels are unnecessary. Everyone knows if you’re really an expert.


  1. Don’t badge surf.  Focus on who you are with, don’t look over people’s shoulders to see if there is someone better to meet.  Focus on who you are with or excuse yourself. You are insulting the person you are talking with and badge surfing is an ineffective way to find good prospects.


  1. Don’t hand out the business card before you introduce yourself. Wait to be asked for a business card, or hand it over at the end of the conversation as a way to follow up.


  1. Don’t push in. There is room for everyone. Don’t push in to get a better seat or ask the speaker a question. It makes you and your brand look bad and won’t attract customers.


  1. Don’t take a picture without asking. You may want a photo of yourself and a certain person for social media, but ask first.


  1. Don’t plug their company when they are asking a question to a speaker or a panel.
    It’s bad form to sell your product when asking panel questions Again, it reflects badly on your brand.


  1. Don’t monopolize the speaker’s time afterwards. If you have a question, ask it and then let another person talk.


  1. Don’t hog the outlets in any room. Everyone’s devices need to be charged, not just yours. Bring a three way converter and meet new friends who may become leads.