Your trade show display is one of the most important aspects of your trade show event. Just being there isn’t enough to make your trade show a success. You need to have a trade show booth that’s going to draw and engage potential customers and contacts.

Here are some trade show display tips:

Rent or Buy you Display Stand?

A great rule of thumb guide is that if your going to use the same exhibit three times, you should purchase it instead of renting. But, if you want something to use only once or twice, renting can be the best way to go.

Calculate your Shipping Expenses

Consider air freight, ground shipping, and personal care requirements when determining the overall cost of a particular system. The smaller the transport cases, the more cost effective the transport costs.

Your Trade Show Display is a Tool

In your exhibition booth, your display makes a strong statement about who your company is, what you do, and how you do it. Make your trade show booth a welcoming and have a focal point with a strong key message that communicates to your prospect. Create and experience that allows visitors to use as many of their senses as possible.

Make your Design Shine

The average trade show visitor spends less than three seconds looking at your exhibit so design must grab their attention quickly. Make sure your display is organized and avoid too much copy. Instead, focus on messages that will prompt visitors to stop at your booth, where you can explain everything they might need to know. Allow ample time before the show to create the proper artwork.

Keeping a Display in Good Shape

To ensure longer life for a display, make sure it can be securely packed. Look for a display case that has separate space for each display component. Avoid tucking non-display components in the case.

Differentiate yourself from other exhibitors

Too many exhibitors are happy to use the me-too marketing approach. With shows that attract hundreds of exhibitors, there are very few that seem to stand out from the crowds. Your exhibit should leave a strong impression of what makes you different and why visitors should buy from you.

Your Staff are the Key

Trade show staff training is essential for a consistent and professional image. Make sure that they sell instead of tell and know how to close the interaction with a commitment to follow-up. Staff not scheduled should stay away until their shift. Assign specific tasks for people working the show.

Promotion Items

Small items that people can take away and use (while being reminded about your business) are best. Be sure you place these items in a location where people will have to walk into or through your trade show display to get them.

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up 

This is one of the most important factors in trade show success. It is to your advantage to develop an organized, systematic approach to follow-up. Establish a lead handling system, set time lines for follow-up, use a computerized database and then measure your results. Trade shows require a lot of work and effort to be successful. In the end your trade show success is dependant on how much effort you put into it.