Your exhibition or trade show booth graphic elements must powerfully reflect who you are and draw visitors to your booth in the midst of a loud, crowded exhibit hall filled with distractions and competitors. Maximum Impact is what is required. This needs to be reflected in all your booth elements including your Exhibit, banner stands, counters, brochures or flyers, and staff.


While your well-trained exhibit staff, pre-show marketing, giveaways, and promotions serve to attract potential prospects, the appeal and image of a trade show display graphic can make or break sales results.


You have three seconds to make an impression on those walking past your display. Your overall design that includes each trade show display graphic and sign must be visually appealing and meaningful enough to compel attendees to walk in and learn more.


Your visuals and graphics must be large and bright, while simply and clearly communicating – in as few words as possible – the benefits of your product.


The five key components that make an exhibit visually gripping. They are color, lighting, motion, sound and smell.