There is no formula for creative design, but after 20 years in the display business, we can offer a few tips for designing your banner stand, exhibition stand or portable display.


Artwork Layout

For specific system sizes and specs, ask our art department for a separate artwork specification or layout guide. Do not place small text or people’s faces on panel splits. Large text is OK, but try to place splits between letters. Try not to clutter the space with large amounts of text or too many images. Simple, clear and concise information and layout makes the best impression.

Take care with all display images, as poor quality or undersize originals will give poor quality results when enlarged on your display.



Keep the number of colours used to a minimum. If you have corporate colours, it will be beneficial to use them for consumer recognition. Have these colours ready to supply (PMS Number) so we can match them accurately.


Contact Details

Perhaps only a web address or a phone number are all that’s needed. Alternatively, you might include your address, email address, fax number or freecall number.


Less is more

Remember, you are trying to stand out in the crowd, so a simple design with Impact will always grab peoples attention than one with too much text and imagery.