How Incorporate an iPad or Tablet into your Display


iPads and hand-held tablets are pretty awesome. The idea of a super powered hand-held device has taken over the world and launched a plethora of imitators. The iPad still remains the most popular tablet, especially in exhibition circles. Display companies now offer lockable iPad stands or kiosks which present the iPad to your visitors so they can interact. 


But exactly what advantage does an iPad offer on a stand? And why even bother?


If you find it difficult to transfer information to people quickly at an exhibition or engage and entertain your guests an iPad stand might be the solution. Here are a few ideas of ways you can incorporate one into your next display.


Product Demonstrations:

With a few touches a visitors can see how others use your product and visualise it working for them.


Photo album:

Use beautiful photos to demonstrate how existing customers use your product or service. These photos can show the inside story, details they may not otherwise see or how its made.


Sign up for newsletters:

Make it easy for visitors to sign up for your newsletter and provide their contact details.


Send information without having to print something:

Use an autoresponder to instantly email technical information to people who request it. Simply create a landing page to capture visitor details and the autoresponder will do the rest.



If your product or service lends itself to an interactive game, you might want to consider hiring an app designer put something together for your display. Creating a game is a fun and interactive way to stand out from the crowd.


Customisable Product design:

Your product may lend itself to an interactive experience where the visitor can compare one colour with another. Let the visitor customise the product and see what they like.


Market Research:

Setting up a short survey allows visitors to give their opinion on questions that keep you up at night. Keep it anonymous and offer an incentive such as a small gift in exchange for their name and email address.



Your product or service may be able to be positioned for a quick quiz. Set up a few fun multiple choice questions to engage your audience.


Including an iPad Stand into your display can be a great tool for engaging your visitors. Set it up so that it solves a problem or satisfy a need, and it will be a worthwhile addition to your regular display.