Build a Rock Star Exhibition Stand


Trade shows provide a great opportunity for businesses to personally advertise their service or product to large groups of people, and a chance for businesses to receive excellent (or not-so-excellent) exposure.  Hundreds of companies for attention at these shows and a smart-minded business person will have a strategy that allows them to stand out from the competition and be remembered by attendees long after the show ends.  Research studies have found that visitors peruse a display about three to five seconds before making the decision to walk on or stop and talk. An attention-getting trade show booth design is critical and must  create a first impression that generates undeniable interest in the people passing by.  5 elements of an awesome trade show booth design include:


1. Graphics

Full-sized, colourful, and clean graphics that cover the whole trade show display will be eye-catching, make your display stand out, and strongly communicate who you are and what your business does. Invest in great trade show graphics or hire a knowledgeable graphic designer to make your message go beyond words. Whether the graphic shows your service in action or transmits your service solution, it is essential that a high resolution is used.


2. Logos and Branding

The business name and logo should be featured front and center.  Many businesses choose to have a table runner that features this information. Including the link to your website allows a passerby to revisit your business information at their own leisure.  Logos and branding should be placed at eye-level and repeated in different locations throughout the display.  A tagline or slogan should be placed near the logo that succinctly communicates to the visitor what the business does and how the business can help them.


3. Lighting

Light attracts attention, and can significantly increase the exhibition display’s appeal. With proper lighting, visitors can focus on the message that the business owner is trying to convey.  It also adds depth to the exhibit space by illuminating the back walls, side walls, and shadowed areas. The right lighting can affect a person’s mood, too!


4. Technology and Interactivity

Today’s constantly evolving technology is allowing businesses to communicate with their customers at multiple levels. Being in a trade show does not mean that you are limited to traditional trade show practices. Videos and interactive displays can tell your story or demonstrate testimonials, but your use of technology should mainly be a prompt for conversation.


Social media avenues are  being used at many trade shows, making many booths a relevant part of the consumer’s life. As part of the trade show experience, be sure to tweet pictures, share on Facebook, or make a video for YouTube. You can offer incentives to your visitors if they do the same.


5. Promotional Collateral

Research indicates that people are 52% more likely to stop at booths that are giving out enticing promotional items.  These handouts can increase traffic to the booth, act as a business reminder, and provide contact information.  Professionals state that the best promotional items are the ones that complement your business and can be used by people in their daily lives (at home or work).  Effective promotional items have included pens, mugs, tote bags, and USB drives.