Budgeting for your Exhibition or Trade Show events

It is difficult to budget for your events, especially with the fast paced, ever changing world of business.

Exhibitor Online offer 2 easy budgeting strategies to help calculate your approximate costs when planning.

1.   Space-cost calculation

Industry surveys estimate that booth space rental accounts for approximately 1/3 of your total trade show costs.

eg. If your booth costs $10,000 – estimated total costs will be approx. $30,000.


2. Cost per square metre Calculation

This method averages the cost of your shows for the year to a square metre. This is done by:

a) looking at previous years total cost per show and dividing it by the size of the booth. eg Total cost of $20,000 for 9m2 (3mx3m) site would equal $2222 per sq metre.

b) do this for all your shows from last year.

c) add all the costs per square metre and divide by total shows to get an average across all shows.

d) Use this amount to calculate future shows approximate cost.


Reference: www.exhibitoronline.com