Points to Consider when creating a Shopping Centre Experience

Westfield have offered an insight into points to think about when developing a successful shopping centre display or kiosk. They see many Pop Up’s across there centres. Here is a top 10 list of questions for you to consider to get the most from this experience.

1.     What are you trying to achieve?

2.     Who are your customers and what type of shops would they go to?

3.     How will you engage shoppers? What is your proposition, why will people be interested in what you have to offer and how can you put this across in a meaningful way?

4.     What is your product range and pricing strategy?

5.     How will your display engage with your customers, achieve your objectives and achieve operational reqirements as well as complying with  Westfield design standards?

6.     What is your visual merchandising and presentation strategy?

7.     How will your people be motivated?

8.     How will you change your “windows” regularly to avoid being wallpaper?

9.     How will you promote your offer and encourage sales?

10.   Is retail part of an integrated customer platform?


Feel free to contact one of our experienced sales team if you would like to discuss your future shopping centre site.