Feeling overwhelmed about creating a great graphic design strategy for your new display? The task may seem daunting to even the most experienced marketing professionals who sometimes struggle to create a compelling collection of imagery that draws attention, and communicates your businesses key messages in single glace. Following a few simple tips can help give your business the tools to create maximum impact at your next event.



Your unique selling point


Before you even start the creative process, there are a few important questions you need ask yourself.

  • What is your business really about?
  • What makes you different to the competition and why?
  • Which products get the most attention when you’re exhibiting?

The answers to these questions will assist you to form a strategy that will help you plan your most effective exhibition display, and give you the best return on your investment.



Keep words to a minimum


Exhibitions are full of activity, and most attendees will give you only a few seconds of checking out your display before moving on.  Many companies create beautiful graphics, only to then overwhelm the display with text. Don’t use the precious few seconds of attention to make attendees read text. Instead, use images to show them what they need to know.



Keep your imagery simple


Too much text isn’t the only thing that threatens the appeal of your display; many companies also use too many images. Select a few choice images that capture the essence of your company and place them throughout your exhibit space to ensure your stand stays neat and visually appealing at every event.



Know your competition


Before you begin the design process, it’s a good idea to know what your competition has to offer. At each event your company attends, spend some time monitoring their graphic design approach. It is an opportunity to fine tune what is working with your target demographic and identify what could use some fine tuning. Understanding how your competitors approach is working can assist you in the creation of your next successful display design