One of the best ways to encourage visitors at your next exhibition to stop and learn about your company is to hold a contest at your exhibition stand. Here are some steps to help you approach it the right way!



  1. Make the Contest Relevant to Your Company


Everyone would love to win a coveted item such as an iPad, but is this relevant to your business? Believe it or not, a generic prize everyone one wants to win won’t speak volumes to your potential customers or relate to your company. Try to choose a prize that customers already interested in your product will love. Tailoring your giveaway to your industry will assist you to better target new customers and make the after even follow up process easier because you won’t you won’t waste your sales staff’s time following up leads that don’t go anywhere.



  1. Require People to Visit Your Stand to Enter


Does the fishbowl full of business cards on the table top display trick really ever work? While you do want people enter your contest at your stand, you should be able to interact with them before they have a chance to enter the contest. Consider holding on to the contest forms and giving them to people who you’ve talked with. A few blank entry forms on a table or in a brochure rack can also allow visitors to enter the contest, even if your salespeople are already occupied with attendees.



  1. Advertise Your Contest Through Social Media


Don’t just rely on people finding out about your contest by stopping by your stand, use social media to advertise with pre-show and at-show promotions. Advertise your contest on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and encourage your followers to share or retweet your post by offering a secondary contest or special offer that can be entered through social media. This tactic will keep your followers entertained and interested.

On the day of the event, don’t forget to let everyone know via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where your booth is located in the convention centre so that your visitors can easily find you!

These three steps will help you on your way… now all you have to do is get excited, create some buzz and attract some targeted attention to your products!