In the past 20 years, Pop-up display stands have been the most popular trade show display or exhibition trade display around the world. They offer a high impact visual presentation of your companies brand, products and services. A good quality Pop up display stand is very easy to setup and lightweight for transport.


There are a variety of pop-up displays being sold in Australia today, so it is important to understand the differences before you buy. When selecting a pop-up display stands, you should consider 3 key factors:


Price – do not buy on price only. Evaluate your requirements including amount of use per year, how long you expect your display to last (in years) and where you expect to transport your display for use.

The cheapest display may not offer you the best value over the life of the display.


Durability. – How do you determine what your needs are? First look at the quality of the pop-up frame and its hardware. The most durable pop-up frames have heavy duty aluminum frames and metal magnetic connecting bars. They also have a limited number of hubs and connecting frame pieces. The hub area is a key area to look closely at, as a number of the new “internet” brands have very weak hub connections that lead to frequent hub failure. (we have all heard it before – you get what you pay for!) There is also a wide range of quality in the magnets used on the frames and panels. The highest quality pop up walls use the best magnetic tape available, lasting 10 years or so.


Ease of use – is a major factor to consider. A good quality pop-up display stand will have easy lock frames that pop-up even before you have engaged the connector locks. They also have full length connected magnetic bars, which means you only have 7 pieces to set up, as opposed to 21. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what will be involved with setup. No joke, some pop up display stands take over an hour to erect compared to 7-10 minutes on a good quality display system.


At Spyder Display’s, we offer two quality levels of pop-up display stands with both of them having excellent graphic panels.  


1. Our Elite frame system is the leading pop up display in Australia, and offers a heavy-duty aluminium frame, with hubs that are basically unbreakable. We have had virtually no frame damage on these units. It is extremely lightweight compared to competitor products and sets up in minutes.


2. Our Economy pop-up display stand consists of a heavy duty aluminum frame with reinforced hub section. While not as cheap as some of the economy systems on the internet, we felt this system was one of the most reliable systems for the money you pay.