Elite Pop Up Display

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The Elite Pop Up Display Stand is, not only the leading Pop Up Display Stand in Australia but also the only Pop Up completely manufactured in Australia.
It is an impressive and lightweight solution for trade shows and conferences around the world. This versatile display achieves your marketing goals through detail-orientated, structural design and effective graphic impact. The Elite Pop Up Display is compact, lightweight and can be setup within minutes. Providing an easy, portable solutions for all occasions. It is also the lightest and most compact display to allow for interstate and overseas flights. Its seamless magnetic finish and high-quality graphic provides maximum impact for your business. It comes with our unique magnetic locking bars. Making it a completely tool-free setup with no locking parts that could break. Our 3-step production process ensures that our graphic panels are made from the highest quality materials. So that our customers can present their brand with confidence. We use a total block out Polyester to ensure no light comes through from the back of the panels. A strong rigid backing material and laminate is also used to ensure durability. We also use high-quality magnetic strips so that your panels will last more than 10 years.
We supply a range of functional and impactful accessories to compliment your display stand including:
  • Various TV and iPad brackets
  • LED or Halogen lighting
  • Magnetic overlay panels for adjusting your message as required
  • Internal showcases with lighting to highlight your products.
Our Elite Pop Up Display Stand can compliment your marketing at any event. This includes Australian Trade Shows, Exhibitions, and Conferences. As well as Media Backdrops for sporting and news presentations and travelling corporate roadshows.   This display is perfect for 3m x 3m and 6m x 3m display booths sizes. Click here for Pop Up Display Examples Click here for Pop Up Display Accessories
10 Year warranty
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  • H1.4m
  • H2.1m
  • H2.4m
  • Kg13kg/16kg
  • Kg20kg/24kg/28kg
  • Kg23kg/28kg/32kg

Customs sizes available on request

  • The lightest Pop Up display in Australia with standard sizes 5-10kgs lighter than others. Good for OH&S and savings on transport and travel costs.
  • 10 year no nonsense warranty – All parts manufactured in Australia
  • No locking parts
  • Superior graphic prints – Printed in Australia
  • Superior magnets
  • Delivery within 2-5 working days
  • Value for money