Does your shopping centre kiosk have a product or service that caters to women? Today’s women has many demands on her and her time, including a job, household management, child care and more. She needs a fast, easy and convenient service. If your kiosk can find ways to accommodate the needs of women, significant sales will be your reward. Here’s some ideas to get started:

Make your kiosk attractive

It may seem like a cliche, but women like things to be visually attractive. Make your kiosk signage and product display as attractive as possible with harmonious colors and a pretty product display and your kiosk will bring a lot female foot traffic.


Make your kiosk a fun place to shop.

There are many reason why women shop in certain places, and it’s not just price and selection. Hire friendly, outgoing sales people that make shopping more fun and less of a chore. Allow her to pick up and look at your stock without approaching her until she gives and indication that she is interested. She wants to feel like she can trust your salespeople to help her make a smart buying decision. This is her escape from a busy schedule. Make is easy for her to enjoy herself and shop at the same time.


Indulge her with some extras.

Think about what you can do to make her feel special. When she checks out her shopping, skip some samples into her bag. Get her contact information and send her a handwritten thank you card. Little things mean a lot!


Get to know her.

If you want her to come back, take the time to create a relationship with her. Your salespeople can be encouraged to remember the names of female customers, so that they can be personally greeted every time they return to your kiosk. Women will return to a business where they feel like they are receiving personalised service.


Implement some of these ideas into your regular shopping centre kiosk activities, and you will quickly develop a following among your female customers, and improve your sales.