As the wave of social media continues to make its way into our lives, it may seem that more and more businesses are asking you to “Like us on Facebook”. Why? Do they know something you don’t? With the amazing popularity of Facebook, is it actually worth the time to create a Facebook page for your business and maintain it? Read the following reasons why the answer is a definitive ‘Yes”.


Facebook is where your customers are

Whatever the main demographic of your target marketing, chances are that a good percentage are already on Facebook. Facebook has more than 500 million active users, and almost half of them log in daily. The average user is linked to multiple groups, pages and events and your business could be one of them. Tapping into that market is a simple as creating a page for your business.


You can build loyalty with your customers

While there are occasional concerns about privacy with Facebook use, most people trust the social networking site. It’s where you keep up with long-lost school friends and stay in touch with grandparents and cousins you haven’t seen since childhood. An up-to-the-minute news feed keeps you up to date with other people’s lives, creating a kind of intimacy. Your business name could be part of that newsfeed – which can only be a good thing.


Spreading the word about sales and specials is easy

It seems fairly pointness to throw a big sale or have a great offer if no one knows about it. Traditional advertising is expensive and takes a lot of time to coordinate. With a few clicks, you can spread the word about your offers and sales to your Facebook fans. People will share the word with among their friends, and create a follow on effect that is both influential and powerful.


It makes word of mouth advertising easy

Word of mouth advertising is powerful. The cool thing about facebook is that it gives you is that it gives you a forum to kickstart your own word of mouth campaign. Whenever a fan “likes” your page, their friends are notified. As a result, others may just check out your page to see what the fuss is about. All this, with no extra effort on your part.


It’s Free!

For struggling businesses, time is money. Putting in some time is much more preferable to parting with lumps of cash. If you want to make it work though, you need to keep at it. Don’t let your page lie dormant, the trick is to log on daily to stay active on the site. Do that, and you should see some good results build up fairly quickly.


You can take a proactive approach to your business

Great word of mouth can produce amazing results, but negative comments can have a negative impact on your success. Keep in mind that occasionally you may receive negative feedback. Don’t look at this as a bad thing though, its an opportunity to respond in a proactive way and find a solution. Customers will see that you take their concerns seriously and your reputation will improve.


It encourages discussion among your customers

Stick with it, and over time your Facebook page will become a sort of community where customer discuss various topics and issues. Staying involved will enrich your customer’s experiences even more.


Your Competition is Already Doing It!

Having a business page on Facebook is not a new idea. Changes are that most of your competition are already active on their own Facebook pages. You haven’t missed the boat, It’s never too late to take part in the action, and get some attention for your own company!

The truth is, a presence of Facebook can be a of considerable assistance in running a business. Invest a little time, and see it pay off in the long term.