PART 1 – The DO’s of Exhibition and Trade Show exhibiting.


The information that your target audience may want to know should be presented clearly. At the same time, certain practices have to be avoided. Here is a list of Do's and Don'ts to remember when planning your exhibition.


Do: Start your planning early. Regular exhibitors start planning their appearances 6-12 months in advance.


Do: Make a list of goals and objectives for the show. This list should be specific and achievable. For example, X amount of leads/sales or spreading the word about a new product or service.


Do: Be open and creative to new ways of presenting your products or services. You need to be unique and engaging for your display to be memorable for the hundreds of show attendees.


Do: Learn the 80/20 rule – The best exhibitors are those who listen more than talk. Focus on what the attendee wants!


Do: Remember first impressions are everything! Be professional, well-dressed and polite at all times.


Do: Be realistic. Exhibitions are long events. Make sure you recruit the right amount of staff to keep your stand and motivation fresh.


Do: Ask qualifying questions. You want to know who you are talking to, who they work for, and in what capacity. This will help you determine if the attendee is a prospective customer or not.


Do: Take notes. Take time before the show to create a lead form, in which you will record important information for post show follow-up.


Do: Reach out to the media. Have a press pack available in the media/press room. Also, be open to interviews, especially if you have something new or special to shout about.


Do: Use giveaway items that enhance your expert identity. You want items that your attendees use regularly and reinforce their impression of you as an expert.


Do: Follow Up! This is the most important part of your exhibition. Follow up all leads with a letter or email and pursue more promising leads with a phone call. Tie in your social media strategy to involve connecting online with leads after the show.


Keep a watch out for Part 2 – The DONT'S of Exhibiting and Trade shows and Exhibitions.