PART 2 – The DO’s of Exhibition and Trade Show exhibiting.


The information that your target audience may want to know should be presented clearly. At the same time, certain practices have to be avoided. Here is a list of Do's and Don'ts to remember when planning your exhibition.


Don't: Pass the chance to visit other industry events before you exhibit for the first time. Make a note of what exhibits were effective and those that turned you off.


Don't: Be afraid to ask questions! Show organisers have all the information you would benefit from, for example, all exhibitor requirements, attendee demographics etc.


Don't: Get sidetracked by what everyone else is doing – or by what people tell you you 'have' to do. 


Don't: Be afraid to be enthusiastic about your services. If you are genuinely jazzed up about what you do, attendees will sense that. Enthusiasm is contagious – and more importantly, it sells!


Don't: Barrage visitors with facts, figures and sales spiel.


Don't: Eat, drink or chat on your mobile phone on the show floor. Leave your stand for a refreshment or a break.


Don't: Forget to train your staff. Explain the objectives, types of questions to be asked, what the marketing message is etc.


Don't: Be afraid to encourage people to move along if they are not interested in your services.


Don't: Forget to read the exhibitor's manual. Inside, you will find important information relating to the show, for example, deadlines for ordering services. Most manuals can be downloaded from the show's website.


Don't: Get caught up in trendy giveaways pushed by promotional sales people. You want to stand out from the crowd, not merge with it!


Don't: Hesitate to include hands-on, interactive demonstrations into your exhibit whenever possible. If you inject fun into your exhibit, you will have more attendees.