Pop-up Display Upgrades: How to impress with only a small investment

Create Maximum Impact with the following affordable upgrades to your new or existing pop-up display.

Looking for a new trade show exhibit? Tired of the same old Pop Up Booth?

Well, with a few clever upgrades, a pop up display booth can give your company a whole new professional look, at an affordable price. And don’t be fooled – all Pop Up displays are not the same!!


A new set of graphic panels, extra areas for product presentations or demos, shelving and storage, integrated lighting and plasma or LCD Screens will give that quality edge to your Trade show or exhibition. Here are a few examples for upgrading your existing pop-up exhibit:


If you can afford $500 to $1,000, accessories are a great way to customize your display. Counter conversion kits, lights, internal showcases or a LCD monitor mount with a keyboard shelf add versatility. Designer Acrylic shelving to display products also enhance your display’s design and functionality. Even add a quality banner stand to enhance the look and feel of your display stand.


If you can afford $1,500 to $2,500, consider renewing or customising your trade show graphic panels for your pop-up exhibit display. Our hardware components are guaranteed for 10 years, so why buy a complete new stand.


If you can afford around $2,500 to $5,000, add functionality to your trade show display with a multimedia kiosk, or fully customise the look with a one of quality enhancement ideas. These ideas work by expanding your pop up with kiosks, aluminium extrusion, graphics and LCD or PLASMA screens to give that quality custom display at an affordable price.


Gain Maximum Impact for your Exhibition or Trade Show event with a clever pop up display upgrade. Contact us to learn more on 1800 077 218.