Smart Frame Exhibition Counter

2 Year Warranty

Designed and Manufactured by Spyder Displays, our Smart Frame Exhibition Counter is an easy to use professional counter available with or without LED lighting. 

Made completely in Australia with recyclable products and printed in our local factory, the durable laminate finish, HD textile printing and lockable doors makes this exhibition counter suitable for exhibitions, trade shows and shopping centres.

Designed to be easy and convenient, the Smart Frame Exhibition Counter is:

  • Easy to Set Up with Tool Free assembly and Flat pack components. Setup with 2-3 minutes.
  • Available in various colours including white, black and timber grain finishes.
  • Easily Captures the Attention of Your Audience. Available in many coloured timber laminates. 
This exhibition counter is designed to be highly impactful and eye-catching. We use a high-quality lightweight, crease-free polyester fabric printAlong with high-quality dye sublimation printing. This ensures that your graphics look sleek and professional.
Printed and Manufactured in Australia. This display can be ready and at your door in just a few working days.
The Smart Frame Exhibition Counter is available in 800/900 or 1000mm heights and widths from 800/1000/1200 and 1500mm widths. We also custom make to various bespoke designs.
2 Year warranty
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  • H800
  • H900
  • H1000
  • Easy to Set Up in 2-3 minutes
  • Tool Free assembly and Flat pack for Transport
  • Manufactured in Australia from recyclable products
  • Laminate available in white, black and timber grain finishes.
  • Custom sizes available