Appearance is everything when it comes to attracting customers, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are six quick shopping centre decoration tips to get you on your way.


  1. Choose a colour scheme for your shopping centre kiosk, and make sure your decorations match that theme. The first place you should look to find your colour scheme is your display signage, and incorporate the same colours and feel into your decorations. Try to tie your colours into the feel of your product, for example, if you sell makeup, you might choose reds and pinks for your color scheme. Matching decorative items will contribute to the overall design of your kiosk.

  2. Purchasing flooring for your kiosk is a good idea and can be used to match the inside of your kiosk with the outside. Flooring can add another level of professionalism and define your space within your kiosk. Spyder Displays has a great, easy to set up timber flooring option. Click here to find out more.

  3. Your shopping centre display should fit the theme of what you are selling. For instance if you sell sandals, you can create a beach theme. Palm trees and sandals displayed on small mounds of sand will complement your products. Remember that is also has to tie into your branding, so try to strike a balance that doesn’t overwhelm your products.

  4. Keep your kiosk tidy and organised. A neat and tidy space will attract customers so that you can be sure that your products are the focal point of your stand, and help you look professional.    

  5. Make sure your signage and graphics all match and your brand is consistent. You can use the space above your head, waist height and even flooring the reinforce your brand and give your shopping centre display a professional, pulled together look.

Spyder Displays are shopping centre kiosk experts and offer a full service from concept design to installation of your new casual lease display of shopping centre kiosks anywhere in Australia. Call 1800 077 218 to or click here find out more.