Keeping your social media pages updated and engaging can be daunting, but social media is a valuable tool that can drastically improve your exhibition performance. Social media gives your followers a way to connect with your company, on both an professional and personal level. Read to for two easy ways to use social media to improve your exhibition experience.


Get promoting!

Exhibitions are a great opportunity to market your company, so make the most of it be promoting before, during and after a show. Post content about contests or giveaways, and what people need to do to enter. Your promotion should be informative, but also exciting enough to get your followers excited about what you are offering. Talk about what your stand will be like and post photos. Talk about whether your company has won any awards relevant to your audience, and simply why they should be visiting you at the show. Don’t forget to mention your stand number in each post! It’s difficult to over-promote with social media, it really is a great way to get your audience talking about you.


Be Likable

Photos are the most clicked on and liked posts on any social media outlet. Try showing your audience the buildup to the show. Post a photo and caption of staff being trained for an upcoming show to show a story of passionate people and their successes and challenges in the workplace. People love to see real people being themselves. Share what you’re doing to prepare, and why you are excited. A surprising number of people will love hearing about what you’re doing and what you have to offer.


Don’t forget to keep posting while the show is running, take photos of your staff, their interactions and your display. It’s a great opportunity to show some active coverage and get some excitement going.


Know Your Strategy

Your Linkedin or Facebook page may be your client’s first impression to your company. Don’t let it sit silently until the show is about to begin or you’re in your stand. Use social media to engage your audience, promote your company and build relationships with your audience.

A strong social media presence isn’t all you need to do for your show to be a success, but it is an important tool to build your exhibition marketing and overall presence.